Prednosti Nakladača SWL3210

Ø Innovative structure design


Hydraulic oil tank, fuel tank and chassis designed as integral structure that made the machine more compact and durable.


Ø LUDV system


Advanced energy saving system makes multiple action and fine movement much easier and more smooth.


Ø Strong power system


World famous engine generates enough power for all jobs.


Ø Auto-leveling system


When lifting the boom, The bucket automatically keeps leveling.


Ø Safe working condition for operator


The cab gets lot of space and good view. All instruments and operating buttons are within reach of the operator. It is in line with ROPS/FOPS regulation. Ergonomically designed armrest prevents the operator from falling off the chair accidentally. Sensor under the chair automatically cuts off traveling system when the operator is not seated.


Ø Easy operation


Operators may enjoy the Proportional controlled pilot joystick by getting familiar with the machine quickly and less fatigue


Ø Standard quick coupler


Internationally universal quick coupler fits most attachments in the world.


Ø Bigger lifting height


Optimum design made the SWL2810 tbe able to reach bigger lifting height in its class.


Ø Convenient Maintenance


All daily maintenance can be completed when open the rear cover. The cabin can be turned forward in lange-angle.


Ø Multi-function


The machine works with wide range of attachments, including high flow system.



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